If you live in Toronto, come by and say hi at the first ever Nacho Mama’s Craft Show at the legendary Sneaky Dee's!  Check out our craft show and support local creative talents, while finding unique items for yourself or loved ones!   

Nacho Mama's Craft Show @ Sneaky Dees, 431 College Street.
Nacho Mama’s Craft Show plans to help Toronto youth get their art on through local charity Sketch. Be sure to participate in our “Give Back Prize Pack” draw at the show!
Check out www.nachomamascraft.com. Hope to see you there!
Hope you have all been well. It is been awhile and it is mainly because I have some great news I'd like to share. My baking has slowed down, but I've still been creating cakes here and there and I will soon upload all my recent photos for you to see. I have recently decided to shift my focus towards design, it has always been a focus but now it will be a priority. On to my news:

First news, I am expecting! We are beyond excited and can't wait for our little one to arrive in May.

Second news, I've opened up a design shop on etsy starting with some holiday cards. To view my shop click: www.etsy.com/shop/art4linda
Thanks for checking it out!
Hope that you are having a great summer so far. I've been away from the blog, but there was a lot of baking going on don't you worry.
I had so much fun with Christina's bridal shower and there is so much to show you. Her theme was Alice in wonderland, I decided to design our own interpretation of Alice, something softer and bridal. The invitations were the start to the whole look and feel of the party.
We came up with an idea to make the place cards actual playing cards. I custom designed them so that all the guests had their name on a card and corresponded with the table they were sitting at. I was really happy at the way these turned out.
If you want your own set of custom cards designed please contact me!
The favors were tea (appropriate and useful) with drink me tags.
The cake also reflected the look and feel of the Alice we created.
To create the heart tree, I cut out a heart shape from gumpaste, attached a bamboo skewer onto it using some royal icing then let it dry. Finished it off by making buttercream leaves created with the grass tip.
(The cards were not edible... :)
photo via pinterest
Items I was given to work with for a little miss priss on her double digit birthday:
Cake created:
My favourite part was the rib chips.
Happy birthday Alyssa!
I am pretty proud of this custom cake designed for Kathy's wedding. Always amazing to me to see one of my sketches come to life, and I'm thankful for the opportunities to make it happen. Kathy was very easygoing, a pleasure to work with. The bottom tier, you guessed it, is red velvet. The roses are gumpaste and the black swirl pattern is made with fondant. I contemplated using royal icing but it wouldn't work with the curves of the cake. The smaller branch-like curves were piped on with royal icing. Congrats Kathy!

Here are cupcakes made for a bridal shower red carpet theme. The star and movie camera decor was made from royal icing. You could do fun things with a red carpet theme: paparazzi, fake interviews, create a fun backdrop for photos, play guess the movie clip, dress up as your favourite movie star, give out awards for best this and best that...the list could go on.
Remember these camera cookie cutters?
A little while ago I designed a cake for Johnny's communion. I made it simple and clean, with the flavour of red velvet. I'm getting better at incorporating different fonts on cake, writing is sometimes one of the toughest parts.
Have a great weekend!
Can't remember the last time we had a May Victoria day long weekend in Canada with this great weather, but I'm not complaining. Perfect time for an iced cappuccino post! My sister's favourite drink. For the drink part of the cake, I just roughly covered the fondant with cappucino buttercream (trying to add in some coffee grinds for the look). Of course the flavour was Cake Au Lait.
The xbox cake was made for a gamer, and no the cover of the game is not edible unfortunately (some things I just have to let go). However it IS the birthday boy Chris' face you see on the top middle frame. It can be useful being a graphic designer. And yes I am aware that the red circle around the power button means it failed, that was trying to add my sense of humour to it. You can't play cake.

Have a great long weekend! xo.
    My name is linda and I am a graphic designer/art director who has been inspired to express my art outside of the mac. I am passionate about baking and decorating. This is my blog of inspiration about all things sweet.

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    UPDATE/ AUG 30: I was able to maintain this challenge from August 2011 to about March which to me is pretty impressive in itself no? I admit I was getting discouraged and then on AUGUST 1st I WON a contest. I won VIP tickets to a concert. Was it worth a year of this, maybe not, but I still feel victorious :)

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